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Now Is a Good Time to Review Your Estate Plan

Posted by Eric E. Davidson | May 01, 2020 | 0 Comments

The novel coronavirus is raging across the world. As people shelter in place and isolate, many are wondering, “Do I need to review my estate plan?” Yes, now is the perfect time to review your estate plan and make any necessary changes. An experienced estate attorney in Oakland, CA can help you re...

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Top Three Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer for Probate

Posted by Eric E. Davidson | Mar 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

Do I need a lawyer for probate? This is a question you may ask yourself when going through estate issues. Probate is a court process that is often lengthy and complex. During this time, families should turn to a lawyer to help them handle problems that may arise. But how do you know if yo...

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4 Key Components to California Estate Planning

Posted by Eric E. Davidson | Dec 20, 2019 | 0 Comments

Many people believe that only the rich need an estate plan. This is not the case. Even if you do not have many assets, you still have an estate. As such, it is important to plan for what happens to that estate once you are gone.  No one likes thinking about their own death. Yet, having a solid es...

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5 Reasons to Consider a Revocable Living Trust

Posted by Eric E. Davidson | Nov 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

Most people believe that simply drafting a will is enough to protect their estate and their loved ones when they are gone. Yet, a solid estate plan involves more than just drafting a Last Will and Testament. One of the most overlooked and often misunderstood components of an estate plan is a revo...

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Living Trusts vs Wills: Understanding the Difference

Posted by Eric E. Davidson | Oct 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

One of the most important decisions you can make in life is what will happen to your estate and your loved ones after you are gone. Many people think a will is enough to protect their loved ones from probate, but a living trust has major advantages. To learn which estate planning document is best...

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Probating an Estate Without a Will or Trust

Posted by Eric E. Davidson | Sep 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

Probate is a process carried out after the death of a loved one to distribute his or her estate to family members. Without a will or a trust, the California probate court will appoint an administrator to oversee the probate process for the deceased's estate.Probate law provides a priority list fo...

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How to Avoid Probate in California

Posted by Eric E. Davidson | Jul 29, 2019 | 0 Comments

Probate is a type of court proceeding that can be confusing, expensive and very time-consuming for beneficiaries. After your passing, if you do not have a solid estate plan in place and your assets exceed $150,000, the probate court may decide who will receive your assets. The decisions made by t...

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Simplified Probate in California for Small Estates

Posted by Eric E. Davidson | Jun 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

Upon your death or the death of a loved one, certain assets may need to pass through probate, depending on the circumstances. While there are tools that can help you avoid probate, such as a living trust, it is also important to understand that not all estates are required to go through probate...

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